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Our premier service. This is aimed at investment-backed startups and high growth potential companies. Your main point of contact for everything is an experienced entrepreneurial chartered certified accountant who has already run and sold their own business.
We take care of all the accounting, bookkeeping and tax returns along with providing you beautiful monthly performance reports which contain KPI analysis and commentary specific to your business. 

We also hold a quarterly virtual board meeting to review your business performance, budgets, KPIs and future goals. We're experienced entrepreneurs, so if you want to run any ideas by us or ask our opinion on anything then we're more than happy to help!

Fees start from £600 + VAT per month. No minimum contract, hidden fees or setup/exit charges.

Getting to know you

Understanding You

Some entrepreneurs are interested in building up a business quickly to sell and then moving on, while others are focused on growth.

The first thing we do is have a chat about what your vision for the future is. We're here to be your business partner and help you achieve your specific goals.
Understanding Your Business 

It's really important that we understand how your business works as opposed to just seeing raw numbers.

We carry out strategy sessions which include completion of a Business Model Canvas and guided questions.

Finance operations

Finance Data Analysis

Having clean data is essential as it's the information we use to make important decisions regarding the future of your business.

We'll review all your bookkeeping and accounting data using AI and manual analysis and identify areas for fixing & improving.

Finance System Analysis

We're experts at using technology and apps to improve your finance function by driving automation & better reporting.

We carry out a finance systems audit and identify any areas of improvement and can assist with implementation of new apps and software.

Review & Forecast

Past Performance 

Full KPI & financial performance analysis of your previous financial years with follow up session to review. 

We will also discuss non financial data (website visitors, social media followers etc.) to track and include in future reports.

Future Performance

We create a budget along with a detailed 3-year cash flow, P&L and balance sheet forecast to help build your future company.

Our forecasts include quarterly targets along with both financial & non financial KPI analysis.

Virtual Finance Director

Ongoing Reporting

We provide the ongoing analysis & reporting to give your business the insight required to fuel growth and increase efficiency.

Beautiful monthly KPI performance reporting along with custom written analysis and commentary along with access to dashboards to monitor your data. Example here 

In-depth quarterly Zoom meeting to review performance and readjust any KPIs & targets. If you need a second opinion on a business idea or issue, then we're here to listen and help. 
Ongoing Support 

We're here to support you on an ongoing basis to aid your decision making and ensure your business is financially sound.

Thinking of employing a new member of staff or opening a new office? We can assist with scenario planning showing how it will impact your cash flow & business.

We can help you raise finance, prepare projections and virtually attend board meetings when required. 

You're safe in the knowledge you've got an expert on your team.
Our VFD package is also available as a standalone service - contact us to chat

Virtual Finance Controller


We take care of all the compliance accounting side of things and provide you super fast responses to queries. We give you peace of mind everything is taken care of.

- Company accounts & tax returns
- Payroll 
- Self Assessment tax returns
- Companies House assistance 
- HMRC assistance

Tax Efficiency

We focus on making both you and your company tax-efficient by legally taking advantage of all deductions and reliefs while ensuring you stay on the right side of HMRC.

Note that we do not promote, condone or encourage the use of any "exotic tax planning" schemes or offshore trusts. 
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