fuelling growth for ambitious companies

our principles

fuel growth

Whether it's minimising risk, maximising tax efficiency or forecasting ahead - our goal is to fuel your growth


We shine a light on your business performance and give you the analysis and data you need to succeed

respond quickly

We pride ourselves on quick response times, keeping you in the loop and providing a dedicated point of contact


We keep things positive and avoid any stuffy corporate communications. We're here to support you

we're a team of chartered certified accountants who have already built and sold companies. we understand more than just the numbers side of things.

with our business partner service, our team handles the accounting and tax, while providing you beautiful business performance reports and strategy support.

our insight allows you to let you see around corners, manage risks and identify areas for growth. peace of mind your business is stable and ready to grow.

we use leading apps to create the best results

any questions? ask us anything!

Inaequo Limited, 42 Carden Place, Aberdeen, AB10 1UP
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